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Raptor Command, the heavy metal tribute to Elon Musk, has released a brand new single and music video entitled “Fusion Reactor (In The Sky)”. The song is a tribute to Elon Musk’s tireless efforts in sustainable, clean energy. Simultaneously, the band has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the finishing touches on their debut, full length album Elon, as well as their ultimate goal of launching an official Raptor Command satellite to broadcast the album to humanity and beyond.

Kickstarter Campaign:

buy Lyrica europe Message From The Band:

“After the warm reception to our first single “Elon: Champion For Humanity”, we got right to work finishing up our debut 5 track EP. However, it soon became clear that a release of only 5 songs would not be an appropriate tribute to Elon Musk’s accomplishments! Between SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City, Hyperloop, Open AI and now Neuralink, it seems like some new breakthrough or goal is achieved every day. We are now almost finished with our debut full length album entitled Elon, and we have been planning numerous ways that we can spread our message far and wide. To that end, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to not only put the finishing touches on the new album, but also achieve our ultimate goal of launching our Raptor Sat-1 satellite. The cubesat satellite is designed to transmit our music, along with various Elon concepts and quotes, all around the world and out into space. We feel strongly that the world needs to be made well aware of the important work that Elon is doing in sustainable energy, making humanity a multi-planetary species, and enabling a smooth entry into a society that coexists with artificial super-intelligence. In addition to delivering our music and related messages, the satellite will also take pictures of the Earth with an onboard camera and transmit them via the Slow Scan TV format, which can be received by anyone with inexpensive, basic, amatuer radio equipment.

Along with our crowdfunding campaign, we have released our latest song and video, “Fusion Reactor (In The Sky)”. This is a loud and proud salute to Elon’s tireless efforts in transitioning the world to sustainable energy, specifically with SolarCity and Tesla Energy. There are some references to Lyndon and Peter Rive, Elon’s cousins, who we also want to recognize along with all the hardworking metalheads at SolarCity, Tesla and the Gigafactory. We shot this video out in the Californian desert in the vicinity of a large solar array. Obviously, basking in the sun while rocking out in honor of Elon’s efforts in the solar power arena was an incredible feeling. There was electricity in the air, literally!

We hope that everyone will enjoy our music and new video, but most importantly we hope that the world will recognize the importance of our message and the work that Elon is doing. It will lead us all to a bright, hopeful, adventurous future that we can all look forward to.”