Limpio Elon-Champion-CoverAvailable now on iTunes,, Spotify and all major digital music outlets. Raptor Command’s first single “Elon: Champion for Humanity” has been released!

buy provigil online forum “We hope that this first single is a fitting tribute to Elon’s tireless efforts to forge a bright and triumphant future for humanity!” – Max Carlisle (Keyboard and Guitar)

Szentes Raptor Command’s mission is to raise awareness of and promote Elon Musk’s futurist ideas and visions for the future of humanity through the medium of heavy metal music and its associated artistic subculture. The band is comprised of seasoned metal musicians who share a passion for technological advancement and Musk’s tireless efforts to push mankind into a bright, bold future.

Erāttupetta The single features Ty Christian on lead vocals, Deakon Lekross on lead guitar, Jericho Law on bass, Max Carlisle on keyboards and guitar and T.J. Finker on drums.

Listen to the full single below!