Bio Formed in 2015, RAPTOR COMMAND is a heavy metal tribute to Elon Musk, ceo of SpaceX and Tesla and chairman of Solar City. The band’s mission is to promote Elon’s futurist ideas and visions, to the world, through the metal music genre. Raptor Command is:

my company Ty Christian – Lead Vocals

As lead vocalist of Lords of the Trident, Ty has released numerous albums, made several guest appearances and toured heavily across the US for nearly a decade. He brings his polished vocal technique and proper heavy metal attitude with him as he steps to the front of Raptor Command.

Deakon Lekross – Lead Guitar

As the current guitarist of Raven and the Rub, a solo artist and former guitarist of Withercrown, Deakon brings his absolute mastery of the guitar to full power as he injects the band with blazing lead guitar work and searing technical prowess.

Max Carlisle – Guitar, Keyboards and Synths

As the guitarist of veteran metal acts Society 1 and Hellion, a solo artist and formerly with thrash metallers Deathriders, Max brings a wide range of music and metal experience to Raptor Command. He also steps into the role of keyboardist and co-guitarist and is also the lead songwriter. Additionally, Max is a member of the Planetary Society and has participated in the SETI At Home program for over 6 years.

Jericho Law – Bass

Along with Deakon Lekross, bassist and multi-instrumentalist Jericho Law also performs in Raven and the Rub. Law holds a bachelors degree from Cal State Fullerton in Jazz and Commercial Piano Performance and is a sought after music instructor in the Los Angeles area. He has years of recording and performing experience and has worked with many bands like Bumptown, Broken Lane, New Black 7, Mason, Brooklyn Haley and others.

Sean Elg – Drums

Following the departure of T.J. Finkler due to legal problems, Sean Elg has stepped up to fill the drummer’s position in Raptor Command. As drummer for CAGE, Nihilist and many other totally awesome bands, Sean has the hard hitting power, badass attitude and mind-blowing technique that the Raptor Command sound requires.

All photos by Les Dishman.