browse around this web-site Tons of awesome new stuff happened on SpaceX’ recent CRS-10 mission to the International Space Station. For starters, it was the first launch from the recently completed new SpaceX launch complex at Pad 39A, the same pad that some of the Apollo and Shuttle missions launched from. They’ve been working on this thing for years and now it’s finally done and ready to launch Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

The launch was glorious as always and despite it being a cloudy day, some great drone footage was shot of the perfect landing! Dig on this below:

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chloroquine in australia In addition to all of that, the pre-launch press conference provided fascinating insight into some upcoming launches, most notably that the next ISS mission, CRS-11 will be launching a reused Dragon capsule, for the first time and that NASA is considering using a reused booster, perhaps as early as some time later this year.

As if we need to say this but 2017 is going to be a totally killer year for SpaceX, Elon and RAPTOR COMMAND!!

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– R.C.